My name is Daniel Amieva. I’m a 28 year old 🇲🇽 designerd living in Spain. I’m a web and blockchain enthusiast and curious, passionate about art, technology, business, design and coffee. I help businesses, organizations and people articulate their unique vision and offering, delivering a more distinctive value proposition.

I like to be involved with innovative projects, startups and new product development.

currently: CMO at Eboca

email: daniel[at]amieva.in





In process. Traveled to Paris, Florence, Bologna.


Launched Fotolitic, a photo printing service through WhatsApp and won the Platzi’s Demo Day. Designed the mobile app for payment on Eboca vending machines and got my driver’s license.


In charge of design, marketing, innovation and technology adoption at Eboca, the vending reference company in Aragón. Part of the group that drives the creation of an open data network with LoRaWan technology throughout the city and province.


While studying at art school, I won some poster contests and the first prize in the Eboca cup design contest. I attended the international course of design and illustration directed by Isidro Ferrer in Albarracín, Teruel. Traveled to London.


Started working as Mx Country Manager at AppCircus, one of the most important mobile applications events in the world with base in Barcelona. Moved to Spain and started studying at Huesca’s Art School. Attended to the Mozilla Summit in Brussels, Belgium.


Co-founded The Box, a digital agency specialised in design and social media. Organise the next and last El Futuro Mx event and talk in one of the panels: What is happening in the Mexican southeast?. Traveled to Cuba.


Organise the next event El Futuro Mx, one of the largest tech events in Méxicowhere we brought Juliano Tubino, Global Director at Microsoft Strategic Business Team, among others, we also organised several events for entrepreneurs such as iWeekend and AppCircus. I was also in charge of the CITI hub communications.


Dropped out. I started the project Zona Villahermosa, a directory of restaurants and local businesses. I attended the event El Futuro organized by the tech hub CITI Tabasco and joined the staff.


Moved to Villahermosa, Tab., and started studying graphic design at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara.


Moved to Córdoba, Ver., and worked in an offset press.


After organising several social events I create the platform elchow.com.mx with my dad’s help. I learned to use Photoshop, to configure a website, some php and then I knew that I wanted to create products.


Toluca, Edo. Mex. For two years I had along with my family the Tasca Brava, a Spanish restaurant with tablao flamenco.